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Tecnoitalia Prodotti Industriali Srl, was born from an idea of ​​entrepreneurs working in the metal industry for over 30 years. TPI can offer various services ranging from the sale of raw materials, such as copper, brass, bronze to consultancy for new projects. Starting from the production of wires, profiles, strips, drawn, copper strips and derived alloys, we are equipped to meet the needs of our. customers and offer a more complete service. To the production of standard semi-finished products, which we provide on request with galvanic or polishing surface treatments, hoeing and plastification, we can support the production of semi-finished products on the client’s specifications and drawings. The sectors range from superconducting applications, to mechanics, from the distribution and transport of electricity to other aesthetic applications where the specific use of copper and its alloys is required. Non-exhaustive examples of components realized with our support: Coextruded plastic / copper electrified bars Components for circuit-breakers, contactors and disconnectors Conducting bars for motors and power panels Design-molded rotor bars Design raw or finished short-circuit rings Heat sinks Valves and fittings, for example; for industrial coffee machines. Welded ornamental boxes

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